Tiny's Tavern was owned by Arthur "Tiny" Mitchko since 1956. It is still operated by the Mitchko family today. Tiny and Bobby have since passed away. Tiny ran the bar for many years and it is now operated by  daughter Kate. Son Alan has lived out of the state for many years, but can still be found behind the bar at Tiny's whenever he's in town.


   The original building, located on Brady Road at the bridge, was built as one of the many summer bungalows on Lake Hopatcong, a small two bedroom house with a cellar below. A popular past time developed in the area of making Apple Jack. Bart, the man who owned the bungalow (which was equipped with an artesian well in the cellar) started making his own Apple Jack. Many of the locals started hanging out in Bart's cellar and it soon developed into a bar. Unfortunately Bart had a nasty habit of getting way too drunk and cutting up some of his customers, this cellar bar became known as Bart's Bucket of Blood.


  Bart sold his bungalow, cellar/bar and all, to Doctor "Doc" Huff, a dentist from East Orange. Doc was married and was looking for a place to set up his beautiful girlfriend, Leah. Doc and Leah opened the bar in Bart's old cellar. The bar was never officially named, but became known to all in the area as Doc Huff's and the bar at the bridge.


  When Doc Huff died the bar went to his daughter and was sold to Tiny Mitchko. At this time the bar was still the original cellar of Bart's house which Doc and Leah had converted into a bar room. Tiny started making additions on the building until the big yellow thing we know today came to be.


   As has always been the case Tiny's remains a friendly comfortable place for locals and visitors alike to gather and party hardy! People come to see old friends and meet new ones, join us at Tiny's !